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Food is the #1 addiction in the world!

Many of the substances big companies put into our food should be illegal. One thing for sure, is the sugars (at least 61 different names used) and preservatives they pack their foods with are addicting and extremely harmful.

Sugars/Preservatives/Additives that are put in our food supply causes massive inflammation which is a main cause for most things that go wrong with us, from feeling uncomfortable to Cancers, diseases and everything in between. 

So, why is it many of us keep going back to the same old foods that we know are causing us harm?
Because the addictive properties in the foods signal our brain, which creates the thought, then those thoughts elicit physical responses/urges which then cause us to take action and go eat that pizza, fast food, sweets or whatever your "cheat" food is.

This is a vicious cycle that can seem never ending. 

Casey Moran, the creator of PROKETO is a Cognitive Performance Coach who specializes in maximizing your potential by showing you how to rewire your brain through the neuroscience of habit development, which will allow you to live your best life!

One main reason Casey started this healthy sweets business is because he couldn't shake his addiction to sugar. His entire life has been riddled with sugar addiction stories and after years of trying to "beat" the addiction, Casey finally found his solution(s).

Casey is opening up his coaching practice to PROKETO clients. This is your chance to obtain expert help/advice in the health space. Physical, Mental and Emotional, Casey is versed in all and takes a holistic approach when working with clients.

If you need a little tweaking to your diet/physical program or you need a complete overhaul like finding your purpose in life, Casey would LOVE to help!

Simple send an email to Casey and he will respond within 24hrs to set up a call.

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