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Loyalty Membership Program

Casey, the creator of these goodies, knows sticking to your health goals takes planning, commitment and consistency, so he created a program that includes all three.

The Plan
Making sure your home is stocked with healthy sweets, so when those sugar cravings hit, and they will, you will have delicious and nutritious alternatives.

You commit to investing $100 a month in your health.

Repeat the above every month!


How it Works

- Each month $100 will automatically process to keep your Member status .

- Each time your Membership is renewed, your $100
Membership Coupon will arrive in your inbox.

- As long as you are a Member you will have access to the Members Menu.

- The Members Menu is discounted 15-25% from the regular menu,
and has goodies that are not available on the regular menu.

- Members orders often come with an extra goodie...
One that was not ordered, so you can try them out,
or a new item we are currently working on.

You are not limited to the one order with your Members coupon.
You can order from the Members Menu as much as you like.

(You can cancel your membership anytime)
($100 minimum per order with Member Coupon)
(Coupons will not apply to shipping)


Below is a peak at the Members Menu prices
and discounts on items from the regular menu.

members menu.jpg
  • Loyalty Membership

    Every month
    Commit to $100 a Month and Get Access to the Members Menu
    • - You Get $100 in Credit per Month
    • - Access to the Members Menu
    • - Members Menu is Discounted 15-25% on Everything
    • - Members Menu has Goodies not available on the regular menu
    • - Your orders will include samples of other products to try
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