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Protein Puffs

These guys were created by mistake...possibly my best mistake yet!



Although, hard to describe...

Think Vanilla Wafer meets Angel Food Cake.


These Puffs are Pure Protein!

In a small container, you get 27 grams of Protein with only 3 net carbs and 3 fat...Pure Protein!


Per Serving (about 2 Puffs)

50 Calories

9g Protein

1g Net Carb

1g Fat

Sugar Free and Gluten Free!


Small = approx. 3 servings (6/7 Puffs) (150 cal, 27g Protein, 3 net carbs, 3 fat per package)

Large = approx. 7 servings (14/18 Puffs) (350 cal, 63g Protein, 7 net carbs, 7 fat per package)


Ingredients: Protein (whey), Egg, Monk Fruit/Erythritol, Pumpkin Puree, Almond Milk, Collagen, Baking Powder, Pink Salt

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