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Cookie Crumble

(Chocolate Chip)

Think Cookie Dough...but Better!!!

This goodie started as a no bake cookie, but we decided to let you choose. What I mean is you can use the crumble in so many ways.

1) Eat right out of the bag, like granola

2) Top your yogurt, ice cream, etc 

3) Pour in a bowl, add milk and you have Cookie Cereal!

4) Press the crumbles together to make a full cookie

Regardless of how you enjoy this goodie, it is packed with protein and has very little carbs, so don't feel guilty.

Made with sugar free chocolate chips, peanuts, protein powder (whey), Oats, Blanched Almond Four, and Monk Fruit/Erythritol it is simple with the ingredients, but powerful in taste and nutrition. 

No Added sugars, additives, preservatives...just real stuff!

You get 66 grams of protein in a bag!
(6 servings per bag)

Per serving
150 calories
11g protein
3 net carbs
9 fat (healthy)
and only 1 gram of sugar


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