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How and Why PROTEIN SWEETS was created

Performance Coach Casey Moran, a self proclaimed sugar addict, accidentally created these goodies when he was looking for a healthier snack alternative. Needing something to nourish both the body and brain in-between clients, Casey whipped up some protein powder and some other healthy ingredients into a batter, poured it into a muffin pan and the first Peanut Butter Protein Muffin was born. I wish no one to try that first batch, but after about 9 months of tweaking the recipe, the now addicting Peanut Butter Protein Muffins were born.

People would say, "Casey, you should sell these!" Casey's reply was..."I'm not going to go sell cookies." But, as a serial entrepreneur, he couldn't just let the idea lie. He contacted a local farmers market and took them to the streets to see if he had something. After the second week when more than half of the people who had bought them came back for more and become "addicted" to them, just as he had. He knew he had something.
Casey then started creating other chocolate goodies he loves...peanut butter cups and brownies! 

Continually looking for optimal performance, both cognitively and physically, Casey has found something that helps himself, and others, enjoy something that tastes like it's bad for you, but in reality, helps you look and feel your best.

​These sweets serve double duty as Casey uses them as energy snacks throughout the day as well as a sweet treat at night when it's time to satisfy his sweet tooth.
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